Untradeable 85 Otw card - opinions please

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So I never really bothered with sbc's until reading this forum and wondered what you would do with this card.

I got a 80 rated Otw card and put it in the sbc for an untradeable Otw card and got Malcolm instead.

He doesn't fit into my PL team, so what would you do with it?



  • iRusty_yo
    4011 posts National Call-Up
    Discard it
  • MHoney1234
    10339 posts Has That Special Something
    If you’re not going to use him I’d hold him until another SBC comes along that requires a higher rating, or have another go on the OTW and try for Ronaldo lol
  • Kouli06
    1628 posts Play-Off Hero
    Use him as a sub?
    Or keep him to go into another SBC later on as he is 85 rated and could even go up more?
  • Monsta
    1825 posts Play-Off Hero
    The cheapest 85 rated card right now is 10k so if you keep him that'll be saving you 10k in a future SBC.

    If you use him you could end up with a high 70's OTW and an extra 5k down from the team you would had to have submitted.
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