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Most bs pen I've conceded this year

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edited February 2019
Had a random draft that I forgot about from 2 months ago that I just played. This was in the final and although I came back to win 4-1 just shows the randomness in the game and how we're tottally out of control at times.

Now when I concede pens it's almost always from players I'm not controlling or even if I am controlling them don't press a button with them but this clip is probably the most bs pen ive conceded this year.

Don't even want to imagine my frustration if this cost me a game in WL... 😂 But its still random stuff like this whether it's tackles that bounce back to the opponent, rebounds, ai conceded fouls etc.. That can and does lose you games and add to much randomness to what is meant to be a skill based game...

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