My pro club player got reset.

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I wanted to inform you guys about this issue that happen today in the morning. I was downloading my face on my pro player and all of the sudden it backed me up to the beginning. It made me start all over again, like accept the terms of FIFA and the usual when you start in a new console. Well at first i was scared but i found out that nothing happen on my Ultimate Team or Career Mode, but when i enter Pro Clubs my player dropped from a 86 overall to 82, not only that but all my achievements and progress got reset and i was kind of disappointed. Now every time when i finish a match it tells me i unlock new achievements like: acceleration +1 passing+1 or tight shirt unlock. It does this over and over after every game, the same achievements the weird part is that on my pro player progress is on 0 percent, when in reality it was on 43-45 percent. Dropped me 4 points on my overall, 0 progress. I wanted to let you guys know about this, and i'll be glad if i hear from you guys resolving this issue.


  • Exactly same thing happen to me today. EA support not very helpful so far!!!
  • Also, I keep unlocking them again in a random order!! I scored a goal and unlocked 9/9 long shots and all 5 of my goal keeping ones playing up front! EA Support told me to back up my saves etc but it was difficukt to explain its an EA Server thing and not console related.
  • ShawnlyN14
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    Just happened this to me today ):
  • I got reset twice.. although I start from zero like a new pro club player. It's like groundhog day same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ everytime I play
  • Happened to me yesterday!
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