Is Fifa 20 EA's last hope?

Let's start by looking at EA games these past few years..

Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 have both been flops and met with a huge amount of criticism.
Mass Effect Andromeda = Flop
Anthem = Flop
The newest Battlefield has also been a flop.

EA can't seem to get anything right and the way they are failing in recent years is nothing more than they deserve, the constant greed for money from loot boxes and FUT has been their own downfall.

The gaming world has had enough and its clear to see now EA can't keep getting away with it. The Sims is a prime example on the consoles of how greedy EA are, they give an unfinished game then try and sell DLC for it which should already be in the main game as content which they sell by full game prices, its absolutely terrible how they treat their player bases.

Fifa 20 for me will be make or break, especially for career mode players like me.

The lack of content they've added to that mode throughout recent years is nothing short of embarrassing, it needs a major overhaul of improvements and it has done for years and it now seems like FUT players have had enough too.. They even promoted the champions league for FUT like it was some massive addition to the mode yet all they do with it is FUT packs lol to me that's false advertisement.. The constant bugs in the game are a joke too, as the huge amount of patches prove.. I expect Fifa 20 to fail just like their recent games have but here's hope to EA proving us all wrong.

Please EA give us Career mode players the respect and effort we deserve and for the FUT players give them a fair reward system for the modes they play.


  • Lmjmartin
    22 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I don't necessarily agree with all the points but your general premise is spot on. EA have become completely out of touch with gamers and the fact fifa 19 was basically dead a couple of weeks after Christmas shows this. It says a lot when all of the youtubers are going through the motions and are struggling to say anything positive at all. Nepenthez can get hyped up over an 81 rated player from a pack but you can see this game is sucking the life from him!
  • Rossi1000
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    Fut should just be a separate game for subscribers

    Fifa should then bring out an edition based on the rest of the modes and built over two years not one giving enough time to develop correctly while updating mdr’s and squads in its current form

    Battlefront 1 wasn’t a flop battlefront 2 was and felt like a £60 dlc which is a crime to gaming!

  • Pwalie86
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    With EA charging £50-60 yearly for Fifa titles, there's no excuse in the world as to why they don't really improve career mode as well as other modes.

    If it was much cheaper or a free-to-play title then it wouldn't be as bad, but for the big price tag they really should be catering for everyone equally.

    I paid £50 for Red Dead 2 and it was worth every penny and took my time to complete because it was such a great world to be in. How EA can charge the same price for a few minor updates then that is shocking.

    Champions League license is old news now so Fifa 20 marketing will be interesting.
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