fifa 20

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ea pls make fifa 20 like a ping pong game and take out skills totalty and make sure your servers are moore usless then you have out done your self like evry earylier fifa you have shitted out! and ofc i didnt rembers make sure you doo your sbc moore usless too and then make something new up like a division rivials and make sure its better price you lower you play! then short down wl too 20 matches in fifa 20 and extand wl becuase of your idiots it tech dont can handle your **** servers from 1970 ! and take 1000usd for each copy of fifa 20 soo your company can doo a bigger profit so you fat guys can **** in your pants when you brainstorming about how to **** out fifa21


  • BGAlum
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    Add timed passing too... and please add like 30 more celebration options after goals... please please....
  • Mmandras
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    It will be better than this one content and server wise, we see improvements every year. This year content exploded.

    Gameplay not so much. It's so hard to score, and gameplay will be even slower probably, players more prone to errors. It's definitely less arcade, especially after they reduced timed shot window.

    My wish list is really to completely change the way defense is played and make it more skill based. I hated tactical defending from the first moment it was introduced.

    We could see potential changes in subscription model or gambling aspect because of the regulators.

    It could also be the last Fifa with this engine, probably moving to next gen in 2021.
  • Chavez76
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    Ever tried punctuation? it helps.
  • Jason1986
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    Absolute state of that post. Unless English isn't your first language.
  • Energy2099
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    EA Please stop developing EA.
  • LordJameslondon
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    Please add timed celebrations as well; for instance, if the shussh timing goes wrong, the finger goes elsewhere.
  • krill
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    yeah next gen they sad the same when you should shift from ps3 too ps4 the next gen fifa will blow your mind! And now next gen again:)! Ea will never done a good work ! That means they have too work and are Ea famous too work now they are famous becuase they hype their new fifa and nhl game evry year and evry **** year they realse a broken **** game
  • krill
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    And Ea make sure too downgrade your servers when next gen consoll have comming soo you are like allways suck like pro hooker!
  • LordJameslondon
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