Van Nistlerooy SBC requirements

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Is this a joke?
*Disclaimer: there are still irrational people out there who actually would buy him for 2.5mil +

Lets face it RVN is still a trash icon. Prime costs like 800k (PS4), his Moments card is a small +1 upgrade still doesn't make him at all "META" or worth 1.7mil+ (SBC) or 2.5mil+ (market price). Dynamic image should not make his market price triple. His cards are not even fun to use unless you are a nostalgic Utd/Dutch fan.

Instead of basing his SBC more on the current market price of the moments one which has woefully low supply since it's only been out 1 week, they should base it more on the prime price and increase it by say 50% max especially considering it's untradeable which will bring the prices down to something more reasonable (but clearly that's not what they want).

Here are some examples
Most popular and just about the best striker in the game:
-CR7 normal card is about 2mil, +1 upgrade to IF CR7 costs 3mil = 50% increase of price
-IF Mbappe (RW) is 900k, his SIF (ST) is 1.6mil
-Small stats difference between an icon in Blanc 89 to his 91 (comparable to RVN prime to moments) = only 200k difference.

So based on this all the trash moments icons will be near this price for SBC. Middle tier ones gonna be like 3-4mil. If Henry came out today he would've probs been 5mil lmao. Good luck to prime Best owners who probably need to spend absolute minimum 1mil+ and probs 2mil+ to upgrade him...


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    Yep, Icon market has been officially ruined. The likes of Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldinho, etc will all be 5-10 million. Absolute joke imo.
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