Controller Settings

When playing online in Ultimate Team, y'all need to learn how play with default settings. I've played with semi, manual and assisted. Manual is rough for the opposing players as every half the game changes format to which whoever is home court. Semi is still giving that player the advatange, as when you enter a match you expect an even playing field. Given, your squad should be the only determination of which the better team is. I usually win and am currently in division 1, but I swear there are certain players with a great squad, and use analog Sprint off or semi/manual button settings. It's absolutely unfair for those who use default. There's a reason why they're using these edited settings, it's because they're lazy gamers and want the easy win. There's no competition anymore. You either suck or you **** cheat! Plain and simple. If you can't play with default settings you obviously have a small **** and still live with your parents. FIFA has become ruined because of this "controller setting" capability (IMO). I play with an ENG2 squad and still smash on your top ranking squads, not because I cheat by altering controller settings, but, because I am the better gamer. Get with the times. We want fair competition, not cheating scoundrels damaging the scene.
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