Talking Points #4 - One Cup Too Many?

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Welcome to this weeks edition of Talking Points. After last week's discussion on getting rid of managers, this week we move on to getting rid of competitions.

This weekend will see the final of the EFL Cup (aka Carabao Cup/League Cup) as Manchester City face Chelsea at Wembley. This will see the two teams battle to win the first trophy of the season and guarantee themselves a place in European football next season. Despite this European prize some clubs still don't value the competition. The competition is also unpopular with some supporters with debate around scrapping it frequently in the media.

The Football League Cup was first launched in 1960 with Aston Villa winning the first title. Currently all the 92 sides in the Football League enter the competition with sides in European competitions getting a bye to later rounds. Over the years the competition has had multiple sponsors meaning every generation of supporter refers to this competition by a different name. The full list of former names has been Football League Cup, Milk Cup, Littlewoods Challenge Cup, Rumbelows Cup, Coca-Cola Cup, Worthington Cup, Carling Cup, Capital One Cup, EFL Cup and currently the Carabao Cup. Initially the winners only received a trophy for winning but starting with the 1967/68 competition the winners of the League Cup qualified for the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League).

What do you think of the League Cup? Is it one cup too many? Do you think all countries should only have one domestic cup? Should it lose it's Europa League spot? Debate your views on this competition below in this edition of Talking Points.

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Talking Points #4 - One Cup Too Many? 18 votes

Keep it the same.
wth22HolgerBadstuber BoabdustAhmer50xffs MartanChrisLFCAndy99TradeZTornado31619Currieman 9 votes
Scrap it.
AlastairSaboG000nerfinsfan85Wyojasond CaidenLAboog4 7 votes
Change the format of it.
OrikoruPxul_ 2 votes


  • Tornado31619
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    Keep it the same.
    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  • LAboog4
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    Scrap it.
    I think teams in Europe should not be in the league cup. Make it a cup for teams not in UEL or UCL so other teams have games to play subs in and a chance to win a trophy and earn money.

    Teams in Europe have a difficult enough schedule and make the league cup look worse when they continue to play weak sides.
  • Orikoru
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    Change the format of it.
    Make it so teams in Europe can opt out of entering it. Also, I have no idea why the semis are two legs, just make it one game held them at neutral venues (not Wembley though) like the FA Cup used to (before they held them all at Wembley to make more money).
  • Wyojasond
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    Scrap it.
    It’s a wasted cup in my opinion. Want to make the FA Cup relevant again than scrap the Carabao and make the FA Cup worth more.

  • Ahmer50x
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    Keep it the same.
    I think they're nailing the balance now on fixture congestion with scrapping extra time in the league cup (except the final) and killing replays in the later stages of the FA Cup.

    Just need to start rescheduling games back and forth a few days for teams in europe like other countries do and we're in a good place IMO
  • HolgerBadstuber
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    Keep it the same.
    It's an opportunity for league 1+2 teams to have a crack at the bigger teams, been good to us in the past. I'm all for it.
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