Is OTW Witsel a good investment?

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Hey guys, i'm tempted to hit the button, he's going for ~73k, seems so cheap for an 87 OTW. What do u think?


  • DanValletta
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    It really depends on a few things. I picked him up to replace my untrad FFS Guendouzi.
    Well, to try in his place I should say. He's put Guendouzi on the bench. Really enjoying witsel. Strength height. Skills and WF. If he gets another inform he will be a monster. Bargain at the current price for sure!
  • Joaopauloted
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    Well, i bought some. Seems a nice investment. I will even try him out.
  • Bilbao_Baggins
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    Picked a fresh one up for 67k. Stupidly cheap.
  • EisenErmin
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    edited February 21
    Witsel for 70K is a steal, so is Felipe Anderson for 290K. Not sure about fabregas and Naldo, but 86 IF for less than 30K seems way to cheap. Naldos NIF is more expensive than his OTW. Balotelli OTW for 25K is really low aswell.
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