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nothing from rewards mm Falcao sbc few of my mates have said same thing, why do they have to **** around with it cards are worthless still most walkouts are **** as it is


  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    You heard it here first folks, packs are random...

    Well i'd be damned.
  • Jimmi855
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    Pack weight is fine.

    If the packweight was increased then the ‘more expensive’ cards would be cheaper - supply and demand.

    If everyone packed an 84 for every time they opened a pack then they would soon become discard and worthless. Then people would still complain.

    I’ve packed pogba, Aguero, HL rashford, Suarez, TOTY Ramos and probably about 30 odd if’s giving me double the amount of coins I would have had if pack weights were significantly increased.
  • Dazzler
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    Nah increase packweight and improve the gameplay
  • Chavez76
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    You heard it here first folks, packs are random...

    Well i'd be damned.

    who knew!? Damn!
  • alex1987
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    So, what you're saying .. is that packs are built on chances?
    My whole life is a lie.
  • Mmandras
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    Pack weight is disaster. I even stopped selling players, rarely I get above 83s.
  • Swevin
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    Got Jerome Boateng in the mixed player pack, made back the cost I guess
  • Clancy
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    Leave packweight alone!

    bumbadum badum dadum

  • mattyd1994
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    Just did the new SBC for the rare mega pack
    Otw batshuayi

    And Alex Sandro

    My turn to be lucky because I don’t play much now
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