Wanna see something crazy?

Look at the Leaderboards. Most especially the Top 100 for Trading Profit and Club Value.



  • Zakury
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    ...and see the people who single handedly keep EA afloat!
  • Fab
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    Mental that
  • Thunder001
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    edited February 2019
    I'm just surprised that they don't have a FP leaderboard too, maybe the next patch will add this much desired feature.
  • Invincibility
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    edited February 2019
    I Reached top100 on the X by trading but couldn't keep up with those who open packs with FP.. Now I'm 5 mil short for top 100 because all the promo's

    Oh and I splashed around 4 mil coins on promo packs to catch up but that drains your transferprofit.. Stupid AF
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