Some issues with player positioning

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In my new career with AC Milan I've been having some issues with players not doing what they're told. When I play with Calhanoglu on the left wing I want him to come short and come inside, so I can shoot from distance with him. He stays wide and never comes into shooting position. Sometimes I play with Castillejo on the left though, and I give him the instructions to stay wide and go deep. He comes inside and never stays wide.

But when I give the players the wrong instructions, they suddenly do listen. WTF?

Also, Piatek is my 'target man', but he stays outside of the box sometimes on crosses. And when he is inside the box, he's at the first post. Not the best place to make a header.

Last, my backs sometimes are suddenly in a central midfield role when I don't have the ball, and they don't overlap even though I have them on go foreward an overlap. They just linger around the halfway line.


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    That was a problem I had a ew months ago, nothing new about the game

    According to EA, irs a feature rather than a bug
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