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This game is largely a function of the quality of your connection. If you are delayed or out of synch you have no chance. Im not expert, but is seems that certain people have a a strategic advantage that is really hard for the average player to overcome


  • Pila4life
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    I 100 percent agree with this.... I am on a good connectivity run the past few days and my skill rating has spiked from 1500 to 1966. I was on a poor connectivity run for the past few weeks because i was at 1900 before. As much as I hate to admit it Krasi has a point. When you have the connection advantage you are able to dominate. For an Esport this is a joke... there is no freakin way the truly best players are the ones that are getting TOP 100... its mostly those who are great players with consistently excellent connection to the servers.
  • oneskyworld
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    I guess one other thing about the elite player s are they know how to work the system. They probably have one or two meta plays that work no matter how the connection is.
    I'm an average player who like to read the game and react. That play style combined with poor connection always leads to disaster.
  • Tennster10
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    100% true and frustrating as hell. when the connection is good on both side it's a beautiful game and really fun.
  • Xtc
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    Slow reactions
    No Strength
    No player movement
    Players constantly falling over
    Button presses not registering
    passing way off
    players not getting beyond defenders even though much faster off the ball
    opponenet keeper seems super human
    no space as AI "reads"your every move
    cant get a shot off
    skills dont work
    poor ball control
    players constantly offside

    these are some of the things you get in poor gameplay
  • Nothing new, it's been this way for years.
  • Keepthechange
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    I agree with this, and it's actually what made me stop playing FUT this year.

    The best I can get is 3 bars and when I message my opponents asking them how many bars they get the response is always 4-5 bars and I can tell from the way they are playing that their ping is much lower than mine.

    If it wasn't for pro clubs I wouldn't even think of buying this game again.
  • Xtc
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    Thunder001 wrote: »
    Nothing new, it's been this way for years.

    i thinks its worse this year than ever
  • Xtc
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    Ill say it again. This game is destroyed by the connection. If you just watch how well one teams AI anticipates relative to the other, you can see who has the edge. It totally trumps player stats and ratings.

    Top level players can surely beat most, even with it, but when2 players of similar standard meet, whomever has the better connection has a massive advantage .

    would not be an issue if it really penalized poor internet connections, but thats not the case.
  • Renamed123456
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    I sought help with EA.

    We ran a UO trace.

    It showed my connection was good, until it got to their servers where I was receiving 600ms ping spikes.

    They told me to ask my Internet Provider why I have bad connection to EA's servers.
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