Trader issues

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Anyone else has the urge to be invested all the time.. Just can't be liquid for longer then a day makes me anxious AF!


  • BombSquadPuppy
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    I stay invested in one week increments, every other week or month i drop all my funds for a new team idea and enjoy it for a bit and when i get tired or bored of it I’ll sell and either profit a bit or take the hit and start the cycle over
  • Zakury
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    Enjoy the market ban ;)
  • Fab
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    liquidity is NOT for me

    my haiku for this situation
  • Invincibility
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    Zakury wrote: »
    Enjoy the market ban ;)

    Bruhhh crazy how they ban people so easy this year lol..

    Reason I'm anxious is that I usually splash my coins to open promo packs lost 2 mill during TOTY and didn't pull any :D
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