Got permanent market ban for buying and selling later Gimenez, marqinios, Mkhitariyan and Albiol

I'm the latest victim of broke auto ban system. I got market ban because of coins distribution, I've never involved in any coin distribution. Only transactions I made in bunch Gimenez, marqinios, Mkhitariyan and Albiol 84 cards buying them before release of baby icon sbc. and selling them when ea has increased buy now price for them and clear income from players received 700-800k.

So the algorithm couldn't catch this price change as quick as should so it thought I'm distributing coins.

I send email to ea help they did not reply however in ea help status is in review. I had chat with support person he was rude and he said whatever you want you will get through email.

I think ea support was never like this in the past. In fifa 19 they are banning everybody for no reason.

Four of my friends had the same issues and after 2 weeks of investigation customer support came back by apology and opened transfered to them.

It's clearly said that we can do trade and now even for trading they are banning transfer market.

Can somebody explain what exactly is happening with EA support. I hope that I'll get my transfer market opened in soonest but issue is my investments done on OTW cards will be crossed and I'll not be able to sell them as EA customer support now a days do review cases in 2 weeks and more


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