Please help finish this squad - Need to fit TOTY Messi, TOTY Mbappe + everyone at full chem

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RB and LB may be changed - would prefer not to change LB....thank you!



  • ShadowofEnigma
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    What about Messi as CAM, Gullit RCM, and your 93 icon cam on LCM.

    Maybe move Ronaldo to ST, or , Mid game, switch Messi out and put in Ronaldo, or Visa Verca (prob better to use Ronaldo first then switch out to Messi since its TOTY Messi. ).

    Aside from that I'm not sure, I have Messi and Ronaldo on my squad, but I had to use Icons to get them to play on the same team at the same time. I'm currently using 4231. Icon ST, Icon CM under him, and RCM is Ronaldo, and LCM is Messi. Scream Busquets CDM to Messi, and 88 Viera CDM under Ronaldo.
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