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So in division 1 in seasons i always get matched with Juventus and everytime it's the same thing Douglas Costa tries to s/hithouse his way to the wing no dribbling or skill just running non stop the entire game and 1/20 times the shithousery works and it goes in the box, big man cristiano will always beat ur defenders with a bullet header. this happens everytime cuz i am a good defender i rarely get beat 1v1 unless the gods of randomness EA say otherwise with their script, so they always resort to cross the ball tactics and then after they score the goal they park the bus, i'm a causal player i don't want to tryhard and be sweaty in seasons of all modes & it gets super annoying you would think they are playing for money or some prize with all that tryharding...


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    Every time I play someone with Juventus I expect to lose, it’s a shame that this team is used by so many and it takes the fun out of everything in the way this game is set up.
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