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    I always wonder about one thing. When I have to defend a corner I never have a chance to make a counter. Ball always ends under AI's feet. All I can do is try making a header for a throw in. But when AI is defending a corner every header or GK intervention ends in a long ball going to this one guy who is standing in the middle of the pitch. And it's not my player. My players don't ever cover this one guy, they don't care.

    BTW. My opponents from Monday: 87-rated team, 92, 82 (bronze benching), 89. Thank You EA, just thank you....

    It's the fact that whenever the CPU clears the ball its nearly always a perfect pass that hits the one free player who doesn't even have to move at all. Not to mention I find its always a lottery with what your players will do with a ball in the air. Hardly ever being able to switch to the player who is closest to the ball, are they running in some random direction away from the ball and more importantly are they going to get out jumped by a ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Another thing you need to do when clearing the corner is really press hold the shoot button. I read that tip on here a while ago and it really helps reduce all the under hit clearances that i kept getting, still you just pray its not going to end up as another long shot outside the box goal.

    And don't even get me started on bronze benching, I get caught out so many times not checking the team just seeing 80-82 rated then going in and it being a 90 odd rated team. I don't get the point your matched online by how your playing not your team rating and the same goes for sb so why bronze bench. I have two teams that i run so i never need to use fitness cards and damned if i'd ever waste a spot on my bench for a bronze player
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    I believe it is not the difficulty it is how this mode break the rules that the game sets for all human players. It would be easier to say... well, I lost to a team full of TOTYs or icons or whatever, but I knew it will be hard, and this players have some of stats better than mine.

    This will be like if in some shooter you have become skilled: you know where to get the best ammo, how to improve your shield etc., and then you reach the Big Boss and the game says... well yeah, but he is resistant to your ammo (except during the full moon and on Thursdays) and your shield works at 70%... well OK, I may be fine with that, but explain this beforehand! Put the best squads as the SB opponents or set the condition (only gold non-rare players, or only silver teams, or only team with OVR less than 80). This would even improve the usability of now defunct non-rare golds below 81. Then, we will know in advance it is hard, and we won't complain if my Sane or Auba is overrun by some no name defender. (The other day, for example I concede a freekick from Matic (Shot 71, FK accuracy 67)).

    Although almost impossible, this game mode is more frustrating than playing against some very difficult human players (pauses when he is losing, watches every celebration and slo-mo, keeping the ball when he is in the lead). It is without a doubt, better to lose to a more skillful player than to play the SB.
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    Closing this here, if you're accusing the mode of handicapping your team then I'm afraid that breaks forum rules so cut it out. Feel free to check the top 100 and you'll see people more than capable of winning 5-0 against the top difficulty, if that's too high a level for you to win at you may want to consider dropping down the difficulties until you find 1 you're comfortable playing against.
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