Lets talk about TOTY Modric

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Man... the coinage. The lack of height. I have a decent team around him, and would mainly play CAM, but as I pretty much only play with a guest, my homie is gonna track back like kante from time to time... So, should I?


  • askperts
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    I added him for WL to play alongside Kante. I thought he played well. Not sure was worth 3M but he's a very strong card. I had TOTY Kante before but reverted to his NIF and haven't noticed any drop off in quality. I just wish I could play two Kante's.
  • yogibear
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    Well, tried him out now. You were correct in it not feeling like a 3mill card, and Im not sure if its worth keeping. Any suggestions? Would KDB do a better job? Cruyff?
  • Mc
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    Funny you should say you wish you could have 2 Kantes. For me TOTY Modric feels like a Kante with better shooting. He’s so good at defending
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