86 Vieira significant upgrade over rttf Fabinho?

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I have fabinho untradable and he does a very good job. However i am wanting to improve if i can and wondering if 86 Vieira is a worthwhile upgrade. He would be in a two man cdm with regular kante. I can afford 88 also or stick with fabinho and upgrade to toty kante.

Play 352 in game and team is ST Neymar Bale LW Prime Rivaldo CAM Futmas KDB RM 86 Nedved on 7 chem CDM Fabinho Kante CB 87 Militao Base Desailly Ramos GK Courtois


  • Noob_FC
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    Tried 86 vieira... cannot compare to higher versions yet... Bt he wasn’t good... He is not even an inch of last years prime.... Conceded 18 goals in 3.5 matches... My worst ever losses... Sold him right away... 85 blanc does better job at defending than base vieira
  • Greezyweezy101
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    Fabinho is basicly Thanos.

    When my opponents team comes up an I see him and VVD I feel like backing out.

    They are both way to OP
  • Rookie_Gold1
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    I run circles around Fabinho 8 out of 10. 2 of those he gives me problems. If he was MedHigh I'd have him myself. I tried him but I prefer Casemiro.
    Mixed up feelings about 86 Vieira as well.
    I used Kante, everywhere but weak.
    So my go to guy just got cdm remain Casemiro
  • Sterve
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    Thanks. Seems like the 86 isnt worth the coins over fabinho.
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