TIF Anderson - upgraded but falls in price?

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Yes I did buy a few.....

Any reason why? Does anyone think he will go up in price?


  • Arron xox
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    Because people are most likely selling investments. So therefore under cutting each other
  • BeastlyHusla
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    Probably already peaked. Plus CSL has already ended.
  • Kirin
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    People expecting OTW sbc will drop his OTW which will also drag his TIF down. Also much of the price increase was due to ppl hoping to make coins, not as much for using him so they are undercutting now
  • Safk001
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    Always sell in the hype, not the event.

    Other issue is POTM Sterling has just become very useful, Anderson is now a downgrade. (IMO)

    But I’m not a trader so don’t take what I say to the bank.
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