2 things worry me

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1st - "you'll be able to use said Icons as part of SBC"

which means you will still have to fork out 83-88 squads to get the best version of said card which you were already told it was when you did the sbc


2nd - "later in FUT"

we all know "soon" = 3-4 months

that gives no hope for "later", possibly dragging it out till futties mid summer

its like giving discount on playstation 3 games when playstation 4 is the current standard

bonus point: EA can't even keep promise of their teaser picture

when first announced Optimus Prime Best had 96 dribbling, just a +2 over his prime, on released version he has 98 dribbling which is +4 to the point where its like a different card

EA can completely change and manipulate as they see fit

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