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On player career mode, constantly getting transfer offers from the exact same teams, in the whole of career mode I can’t get a transfer offer from any team in the bundersliga my player is 97 overall - this needs to be fixed asap as it doesn’t give players a chance to explore different leagues because it’s constantly offers from the same teams (barcelona/ man united and man city).
Also maybe to resolve this you could create a feature where a player can ask for a move to a specific club.


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    my player is 97 overall - .
    Here is your problem , a 97 overall player would cost a club 200+million and only a few selected clubs can pay this .

  • I've been having this problem i can't seem leave the club or receive any transfer requests and its been 3 seasons that have passed for me
  • It's a pretty simple solution to fix this I think.
    If our player was offered a contract, like any normal player, then we could allow that to run down, leave on a free and allow other sides (excluding the top 5) to sign you.. also, being able to set your own desired weekly wage would help..

    Thing is nothing will be done to benefit either offline career modes, we all know that.

    Go out and buy PES, download the edited packs so everything is how it should be..

    Fifa is dead..
  • I stopped with PES in 2016 because matches ended up with such scores like 7-1, so unreal. Fifa is much realistic it's not easy to score goals and I think this lack of transfer offers is the only feature that is annoying me.
  • I agree, it's only one of many annoying aspects of the player mode.. If it was only the lack of transfer offers I might be able to look past it, unfortunately it's not the case.. The fact your club will buy 8 players in a window, all 66 rating for 1mill each and they never improve, never play, simultaneously your club will offload 5 players, top players, rake in 100+mill is a complete joke.. What about when the club will buy those 8 players, and they're all the same position, or never buy a player for a certain position?! Countless times a transfer window had shut and my team has one keeper, within weeks hed be injured for 3 months and any game your simmed for you'll lose 5-0. The odd occsssion you won't have any keepers when the window shuts!! Once I was at man City, injured for 7 months, the only keeper got injured for 6 months and we got relegated, playing Sterling in goal every game. I'm half way through a rage just thinking about all this hahaha.. looking beyond my rant, and only taking into account the transfer issues, at times the actual game mode is unplayable, these aint small problems/glitches, they take every bit of enjoyment from anything decent about the game.
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