EFL Championship needs treatment

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Obviously with Bundesliga treatment coming I thought it would be a good idea to get support for an EFL Championship treatment thread.

There's alot of big teams in that league, for me it's one of if not THE hardest league in football, its really competitive with very good young footballers and alot of good teams who play really good football.
The Premier League teams who get relegated usually now struggle when coming down into the championship, it's very unpredictable and a team who finishes near the bottom one season could be fighting for promotion the next.

Obviously the prize of promotion from the Championship is huge too with the chance of going into the Premier League aswell as over £100m prize money.

I feel it would make sence with how close the Premier League and Championship is that It would make perfect sence to scan the player faces and stadiums for Fifa and put them into the game.

Hopefully this eventually happens


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