What’s your year-on-year player turnover?

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My typical pattern over the past 3 years has been to try different players for a while before coming back progressively to a core set of players I like (Nainggolan, Kolarov, Callejon...). I thought it would be interesting to know whereas the community tends to be faithful to the players they like or more pragmatically goes for their assessment of the best possible combination. Please share.


  • Nivaze
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    I usually always go with French players for some reason. No idea why but I just do, good thing France has some really good players this year!

    I remember TOTS Lacazette in Fifa 17, by far one of my favourite cards ever!
  • TW1103
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    I normally start with West Ham players, and collect all the IF players... Then just upgrade position by position. I rarely change my squad
  • Colzy
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    I rotate between working towards different A grade stars each year and hybridding them in with my favourite Lewandowski. Last year was all the English icons, this year CR7, next year Messi. I also go with places I’ve visited that year. Ie I went to Tuscany last year so my team is mostly Serie A. I plan on going to Spain this year so hence the Messi La Liga hybrid decision. My brain is weird
  • I usually start all English players, then transition to a full strength BPL team, and then finish the year on all English players again (once there are enough legit English options)
  • Lmjmartin
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    I start with Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll, downgrade to Messi and Ronaldo and then go back to the legends of Crouch and Carroll. I also try and bring in the pace of Gareth Barry at some point
  • Jonboyparker
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    Start French, then move to La Liga, then move to Prem and then go for my end game upgrades or a cheaper alternative. I try to keep as many Untradables as possible on the way.

    Oddly it all kind of interlinks with DDG. I’ve get his UCL untradbale this year and he played 1000 games for me last year. He’ll smash it this year purely becuase I packed him earlier
  • SP300x
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    I usually start with french in first few weeks then go to cheap BPL/french until I have loads of coins

    Then I always aim to build my squad around my favourite untradeable striker. Last year was the 92 SBC Cavani, this year has been the 89 SBC Aubameyang (who most likely will be 90 after ratings refresh),

    Ive pulled a load of great untradeables this year like HL dembele, been loving SBC Casemiro and OTW promes so gone for mainly la liga atm
  • DanValletta
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    I go with value for coins whilst building my coins and then I buy a hybrid that's very good. Then I just keep chopping and changing. I have 5 leagues and 5 nationalities in my team. I like it to be fun and good at the same time. If I like a couple of players I'll see what I can do to get them in.

    Like FFS Havertz and 3POTM Reus. I moved things around and bought makelele to get them in.

    So I'm spontaneous. The only card I'm sure I will get is Prime Dinho
  • IAIK7
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    I always get DDG as soon as I can.
  • FCBlunt
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    Each year I tell myself, dont build a laliga squad.

    *builds a laliga squad*

    But yeah, I always used Jordi Alba. He’s just too good to turn down on the left back. Otherwise I mainly use Barca players, so yeah.
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    In the past years I've been content with putting emphasis on players I enjoy using and fancy IRL. This is something I sadly had to sacrifice this year to be able to compete on equal terms as the p2w aspect has completely metastasized this game.

    It's all meta now; hyper-stacked squads and diminished skill gap. The thrill is gone.
  • Pikandel
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    I always build a full Dutch squad and improve it with IF/other special cards and grind my way to icons.
  • IamLeeroy
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    Lmjmartin wrote: »
    I start with Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll, downgrade to Messi and Ronaldo and then go back to the legends of Crouch and Carroll. I also try and bring in the pace of Gareth Barry at some point

    Totally agree. The thing I love about Barry is that he is so quick in game, I dont even need to use a pace boosting chem style. I can just boost the stats I feel really need upgrading, its not like there are many of those tho 😏
  • Brownian_Motion
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    @lIlIlIlIlIl well, I think one may not let the fun go for the sake of being competitive. I am happy to play in lower division with my 78 right winger.
  • Brownian_Motion
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    @DanValletta Makes sense. Last year I connected KDB to Mertens simply because I got very impressed by the PL player, although I am not a follower of this league.
  • czcash
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    Always start with bpl, then go into la liga as i get the coins for messi etc, mix in some ligue1 just for fun before i rage sell and go Serie A for the last couple of months.
    This year is no different, except my "serie a" squad is basically cr7 and a lot of icons... + mbappe and IF Meunier... hmmm, maybe im really breaking the traditions this year
  • AFC_95
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    The only thing that kept playing FUT for as long as I did this year was changing my team really often.
  • BladesManSUFC
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    Depends which big untradeable players I pull at the beginning
  • Brownian_Motion
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    @czcash very « serie A » indeed...
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