Timed finesse still?

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I quit for about 2.5 weeks, are we still using timed finesse? or do you guys have it off already.

And also, it feels like we don't need defensive players anymore at midfield, as long as they're tall they can proc that tackling animation and steal the ball?


  • Supermario911
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    They are dead really

    I just use normal finesse and they work better outside the box.

  • Empyrium7
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    I still use TF in 1v1, headers, volleys and power shots

    I like to use all around players in the midfield. can't see myself using (Kante, Fabinho, etc) that all they do is defending and can't help you much in the attack, my 2 CDMs are SMS and Parolo and both can score from outside and inside of the box.
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