When the "Pitch Notes" tell you there is no gameplay change...it is a lie

Why is this allowed though? How can they make secret changes to the game and just not tell anyone? Since the moment I had the new update the game has been delayed like console. Honestly, the first time on PC this year I've experienced true delay...what have you done to the gameplay EA? It is rotten.

Think this might be my "I'm done" moment...knowing the prime icons I use are about to not be prime icons any longer...knowing they will release OP after OP card for money grabbing promos which I refuse to fall for...now this gameplay change that is game breaking? I haven't ever seen so many AI interceptions, auto-defending and loose passing, with a good 1s delay on player switching right after...

Enough is enough for me now. Waiting on them destroying Apex Legends with their utter greed now.


  • EA_Andy
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    The pitch notes tends to cover the higher level specific stuff, with the patch notes containing all the changes made.

    There isn't any lies in this, if it wasn't changed then we didn't include it.

    There have been numerous threads opened like this already, we don't need another one talking about conspiracy theories so going to lock it.
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