Dinho91 Vs pe95

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Any review and suggestions please


  • Lionelil
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  • Nicku32
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    Pelé when I used him felt like he'd just turn up and score but overall wasn't that fun. Ronaldinho is more fun but can be a bit frustrating, I feel like his shooting and passing could be a bit lackluster, but he is only the middle version.
  • Thuq
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    Have not tried any version of Pele.
    91 Dinho joined my team 3 weeks ago and probably never leaving.

    (My review might be biased since he's my nr1 footballer ever)
    He's so much fun, the dribbling and movements are smooth.
    Strength is a big up, he wont lose the ball without a fight.
    Never had an issue with his passing (sometimes the game decides to mess with you)
    Shooting is just on point and freekicks with Dinho is 90% a goal.
    He's not the quickest out there but he still own some pace.
    61 games 60 goals. Cant see assists on the webapp but he's got plenty.
    Deadeye on him so boosted shooting & passing.
  • Lionelil
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    Thank u for the honest responds.
    Anyone whove tried pele95?
  • HysxteriA
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    I've kept trying everyone I can't seem to find that one player who gels with me. I've settled at 90 R9 and Prime Best up top. That's the best pairing I've used all year. 91 Dinho is inconsistent for me as is Pele he feels busy but never at the right time. Prime Henry is very good but sometimes it's as though he has wobbly legs he's always rolling about. Cruyff was also useless for me.

    CR7, 90 R9, Prime best are the only ones I'd purchase in that bracket. 91 Maradona was also very very surprising.
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