Career Mode Older Players decline (but only in my Team)

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here is something that really bugs me in career mode. I finished the first half of my second season with Bayern Munich (after the Patch #7) so I'm now at 01 Jan. 2020. And I wrote down the stats for Manuel Neuer (see below)

And because he is over 30 his stats are going down (as usual :( )

So I was wondering if this would also be the case if he plays for a different team, so I went back to the start of the second season to 01 July 2019, traded him to Manchester City. After that I simulated to 01 Jan. 2020 and look at his stats again.

And now that thing that really really bugs me. His stats DID NOT decline when he is playing for Man.City. So the older players only get worst if the play on my team. Which is really really sh..ty :#.
Since I have to sell good players only to avoid that they decline (Ribery, Robben, Lewandowksi, Thiago, Martinez and so on) so that I can get some good money for them before their OVR stat's going to drop.

Here are the comparison between Munich and Manchester for Manuel Neuer
Stats.		Bayern Munich	Manchester City
Reaction	82 (-2) 	84
Accelaration	51 (-3) 	54
GK Diving	91		91
GK Handling	88		88
GK Kicking	79 (-9) 	88
GK Pos.		88		88
GK. Reflex	88		88
for other players like Thomas Mueller, the same.

Either old players get bad if the turn 30 (which is stupid anyway) but then they should decline regardless where the playing. At the moment I think is only for your own team and not the other Teams. Which only leaves you with a window of 10-12 years before you have to get rid of good valueable players. And furthermore I would not make any sence to buy good experience players over the age of 28 because if the join you club at 29 you only get one year before the start to decline. So you team must mostly contain of young players which is very very unrealistic. Experience does not count in the Fifa franshize. :'(
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  • Hey. Y experienced it too. I also experienced a bug. Like I play with OM and I am in the 3rd season on September 30th and Mario ballotelli is at 87 overall and I am training him to get to 88 and he goes down to 82 in 1 day. did you encounter this issue? plus he only turned 30 that same season.
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