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Hello I just want goalkeepers to be like fifa 17 when they would stand up really quick and save quicker and theirs was never problems with fifa 17 goalkeepers that year was the best goalkeepers fifa had had We need goalkeepers to dive low shots and be good with agility and speed and fast reaction like fifa 17 theirs was no bad goalkeepers I'm that game amazing playing script no errors please make goalkeepers better and we need out shot accuracy back like is horrible right now it just goes out even with small power for finest shot or time finishing is bad theirs a glitch at Cam position it drops ratings allot not even 5 min in the game and is already at 5.0 we need that to get fix Would be good if More cleats would be added, after the recent update the Rb Y passes and Y passes dont work and allot of mistakes on defense they play them self and lose the ball and always lose the game Would Be good to see Every position to lv up more like strikers be Overall 94 and All Mid 94 And Def 93 And Goalkeepers 94 Overall This would make allot of people Happier and make more people play MORE FIFA AGAIN , we need our fifa great again please do this fixes we need something new AMD please just make goalkeepers and game play good like fifa 17


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