If you cant stand FIFA anymore, try this game

Apex Legends.. I was skeptic since EA is the publisher but the Devs (respawn enterntainment) did a fantastic job.

Give it a try and its 100% Free2Play.
Forget about Fortnite, PUBG, CoD and Co. This is the best BRG is have tried so far.


  • Mr_Matchup1
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    I didn't like it personally , I much prefer fortnite
  • 🤨
  • My son loaded it up and told me is EA again. He is laughing at me said at least you can buy what u want. Unlike Fifa buy a chance of gambling.
  • It's ok, the map is is too congested and the movement feels off, gives me motion sickness.
  • DevineAaron
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    I despise this BR craze. It's not even remotely fun for me. Just walk forever only to get shot and wait a long time till the game is over. I'd play it if it had pvp. Really it's getting annoying now. It's a glorified free for all from Cod
  • Guvnor
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    Iv given it a few hours this week, it’s not great, playable yes, not bad for a free to play but not as good as blackout or pubg.

  • RadioShaq
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    Please use the off topic section. There is already a large thread about apex legends there you can join.
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