I'm afraid it's luck who wins.

My mate comes over to see me once a year and we hammer the video games and drink lots of cans. He has refused to play me on fifa 17 as I have 75% possession and lots of shots. However he enjoyed playing me on fifa 19. It was much closer and he won a few games. I realised the game was mainly about luck and not skill when he beat me 5 nil. In the next match I beat him 4 nil. Surprise surprise, in the game he won all his players won all the headers and tackles and in the game I won all my players won all the headers and tackles. Left me feeling very deflated that it's pure luck that decided the outcome of our games.


  • BeerBaron
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    It's a game for casuals that's why EA put as much rng into the game as possible especially with the latest patch. They wan't the casuals to be able to win without putting much effort into the game cause that's there main player base. Unless the skill gap between 2 players is extremly huge most games are a coin toss.
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    There's divisions right? Why can't the lesser players be in the lower divisions and the better players in the higher divisions? Leveling the playing field shouldn't mean your team can't run, pass and defend anymoreas it feels like now. Leveling the playing field to me is playing someone of your own caliber and whoever is the best of the two wins. That's what a quality football game should be about.

    Otherwise make categories for novices, pro's etc. like you have with Pro, Worldclass, Legendary etc. Than the casual gamer can still reach a higher division and the more experienced players also without this unfair, stressful gameplay.
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    BeerBaron wrote: »
    Unless the skill gap between 2 players is extremly huge most games are a coin toss.

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