Prime Icon Moments Unfair

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It's genuinely a slap in the face of people who invested money in Icons SBCs like Best. We did these SBCs under the impression that these were the best available versions of cards we were either fans of or really like the stats of in game. Now you release this Moments garbage? Genuinely appalling from this company. If we didn't care about have the best version we wouldn't have put money and effort into the SBC. Ridiculous.


  • Forca-Barca
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    Lesson learned don’t do sbcs
  • senaffc
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    They just want more cash. If only people stops to **** buy FP ...
  • Antiseen
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    Lesson learned don’t do sbcs

    I’d say lesson learned don’t buy this game
  • Don_seanado
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    Lesson learned don’t do sbcs

    very easy for people who are in a position of privilege and can buy FIFA points to speak. I am not afforded that opportunity so i took the cheapest route possible (with a little pack luck from weekend league) to get players I really like. So i should be punished for that? lmao ridiculous.
  • Gaz7Mac
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    this company has absolutley no ethics and absolutely no problem bending you over and giving it to you dry. New level of scumbaggery reached EA
  • Aguy9916
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    It's says a lot really that there are so many people who would love to see EA fall on their faces eventually over all this blatant fraud and daylight robbery.

    This is a company who makes and controls this game we all love and always have done and you would think they would be loved by us all and have great standing as well as being hugely secure and profitable.

    As things stand it looks like they are ready to watch it all burn for one last big rush on bleeding fifa fans bank accounts before they are stopped from their extortionate ways... it's a real sad state of affairs. The ultimate in greed and unscrupulous corporate robbery.
  • Dazzler179
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    Abysmal but unsurprising from EA.
  • BladesManSUFC
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    Lesson learned don’t do sbcs

    Don’t do an sbc for the prime version of a player who you want in your team for the rest of Fifa thinking it’s the best possible version?
    Give over! EA have took it to a new low with this one

  • HysxteriA
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    Company built on pure greed nothing else. Some fat **** in a suit will be laughing his way to a Bugatti garage somewhere.
  • Pay2Lose
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    Lesson learned don’t do sbcs

  • Pay2Lose
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    I brought best for 1.5 million when his sbc dropped. A week later I sold him for 1.9million. The lesson here is sbc are stupid.
  • boekkie
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    So glad i quitted fut. Joke of a company.
  • EekAlaska
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    Simple but of course unrealistic solution would be to upgrade anyone's card to the new version if they did the SBC PRIOR to release of these new cards.
  • fake marketing!
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