Pro clubs glitch before an away fixture

When playing pro clubs we always get stuck in the arena before entering the game when we have a fixture playing away from our home stadium. We only enter the game if the match is at our home venue. Anyone else suffer from this and have any idea on how to fix it?


  • Pagie77, pagie78 here, I literally made this account to reply that yes my club is also having this issue. Refreshing to see someone else getting bent by EA on chubs. Gg stay frosty.
  • Keep me posted should you hear of a resolution Pagie78
  • IGS
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    Hey Pagie's LOL we used to have an issue like that... we try everything so finally what we did was... to create a new club. The problematic one was created by one of my friends who lives in TX by default FIFA tried always to put him in Central America (!!!??) so the new Club was created by me and defaulted to East Coast... problem disappeared ever since.
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