Petr Cech SBC

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Just did it for about 60k with some untradeables, definitely looks worth it.


  • Miklelin
    221 posts Sunday League Hero
    Really happy for you. Will be nice to hear how he performs
  • Only1United
    1405 posts Play-Off Hero
    Not for me I change team and leagues to much for an untradable GK
  • Chapman
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    Cost me 6k then I sold de gea even if you dont need it pack rewards are great
  • Darfi02
    3413 posts National Call-Up
    I did him now have him and De Gea both untradeable he'll make it easier for me to build a hybrid with Sokratis OTW.
  • Mini_Miudo
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    Did him for about 12k, looks good!
  • Peewee916
    880 posts Professional
    Not for me I change team and leagues to much for an untradable GK

    I have a beastly full untradeable EPL team so he’ll be my end game keeper for them at team for sure
  • Mmandras
    1721 posts Play-Off Hero
    End game material for sure. He saved every single shot in 3 games except one goal off the woodwork.
  • Dutch3723
    547 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I’ve had the opposite - only a few games in but shots are flying past him 😟
  • I have red 93 DDG, if I didn’t I would of done him
  • Solari
    1876 posts Play-Off Hero
    thinking whether i should do him for later icon SBC
    modric is 73k
    pack reward worth 80k
    so kind of like opening these packs at half price
  • cantonagod
    361 posts Sunday League Hero
    Played 2 games only- but he has been really good for me- biggest plus so far coming out on corners and cleaning most crosses up
  • Dalebert
    573 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Can do this with players in my club. But is he better than DDG?
  • Anyone else? How is he doing? I read in forums and futbin that his performance is very poor
  • Dutch3723
    547 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I think if you already have DDG you’ll be disappointed. I’m going to give him a few more games of rivals but he’s letting a lot in!
  • Peewee916
    880 posts Professional
    Rush him out that’s all I can say
  • Mmandras
    1721 posts Play-Off Hero
    I don't exactly see how he can be worse than De Gea. Cech has more traits, similar stats and better hight, if you have some untradables he can be obtained for less coins also. Dynamic image, if anyone cares... He will let some in, sure...
  • Energy2099
    68 posts Park Captain
    his **** conceeded at least 2 goals per game, won the games but his ****. Using him on SBC's
  • cantonagod
    361 posts Sunday League Hero
    Been solid for me- even on less than 10 chem.
    That being said i have been using CL Ederson since i packed him untradeable in the first few weeks of release- so i might be comparing him against someone who wasn't that good!
  • Rucci
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    Got him for sbc fodder did him with untradables, my prime vds just to good
  • daydreamer45
    318 posts Sunday League Hero
    Energy2099 wrote: »
    his **** conceeded at least 2 goals per game, won the games but his ****. Using him on SBC's

    same.. go back to untradeable de gea after force myself to convince that cech was better
  • JURITO1000
    1661 posts Play-Off Hero
    Did for 14k and sold de gea...cech is not worst like de gea,he is on the same level of maybe a bit better for me (looks better against long shots and crosses)

    All keepers are conceding silly goals so nothing you can do about it
  • raul7kiev
    331 posts Sunday League Hero
    Did not plan do this SBC but for week I did not find better SBC to drain second untradeable IF Finbogasson. ((
  • baynali
    32 posts Last Pick at the Park
    SBC Fodder
  • MadScorpion12
    151 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Seems fine to me. I agree he doesn't get down as quickly as DDG or TC but if you up his reflexes he does a fine job. His other attributes more than make up for this in my eyes.
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