Fifa addiction

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Hi I’m not in a good place with this game anymore I’ve spent so much money & time on a game I don’t enjoy Fifa 19 at all. the defending is disgustingly un responsive I’ve looked at every single tutorial possible I’ve had advice off of people on Twitter nothing works I’ve spent an absolute fortune on this title and ones previous to this I’m so fed up and it’s really affecting me my temper goes from 0-60 in seconds. i think it’s time to kick this habit I love football and love the aspect of Fut but the gameplay will make me smash another controller or worse it’s an uncontrollable rage which I can’t risk anymore. I have been threw every single formation and custom tactics tried so hard to use jockey and right stick switching I just can’t get to grips I played football games so well when I was younger ie international super star soccer pes Fifa 14 -17 now I’m just chasing a game that will never click. fortunately I really like platform games and other titles but football is what I Really enjoy just not happening sadly if anyone else feels like this please advise much appreciated


  • Fab
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    Yeah I've got advice for you buddy
  • Fab
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  • RSG
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    games deleted wasn’t gonna happen for me
  • mellow_yellow
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    Feel for you buddy, rtg is the way forward, accept that the game is gonna F you over and just enjoy it for what is it. Worst thing you can do is waste real life money on this game.
  • Massman
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    the last patch helped me stop playing this game on a daily basis
    its pure torture now
  • Hippyboy6
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    If your rage is that bad that you don't feel you can control it, it isn't just the game that's a problem. We all get annoyed at times, especially if you've pumped a lot of money into it (no need to really) but not to the point you are describing
  • RandomLhama83
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    RTG is the way to go.... because since you have nothing invested in the game you dont really give a sht or not if ur a gold player or not.... its different tho when you invest money everyone wants to be an elite lvl player ect... but ya def quit if its not good for ur health. gl
  • SKhan31
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    When the fun stops stop
  • Richard
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    Stopping playing FIFA increases the quality of life.
  • ccooaattssyy
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    Play RuneScape
  • RSG
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    Thanks guys I appreciate the reply I’ve deleted everything and soon this account so il be saying good bye and good luck in the future hopefully one day a real games designer will bless us with a decent football title on consoles and pc
  • Furrag85
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    Focus your attention and direct your energy elsewhere.

    New game, new hobby. Whatever. If you can't do that, sell your entire team & consumables and focus on trading.
  • TalentFG
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    RSG wrote: »
    games deleted wasn’t gonna happen for me

    Walking away is the right move. You’ll be amazed how much better life feels without Fifa in it.

    Best of luck to you 👍🏻
  • RSG
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    Much appreciated bro
  • makkan00
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    Sorry to hear that and I feel your pain.

    I am in your situation. I am a qualified medic with kids.
    Trust me that this game can shoot your blood pressure sometimes.

    I guess the fun element is gone out of this game or we are taking it too seriously. We get hooked up to it so badly that we think this is the real life.
    Its just a virtual life.

    I have a digital watch to monitor my BP, SPO2 and heart rate. And I can go back and review the data. I noticed that when I am playing and play more than 4-5 matches in one session, BP and heart rates goes up due to the stress.

    So, I have stopped playing more than 3-4 games in one session. And worst case scenario, its just a game.
  • makkan00
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    Surprisingly, I am loving it after the last patch. Prior to that, it was a finesse shot competition.

    Its a [roper football now. I see that some complaints about parking the bus and AI defending, however, if you are smart and persistent, you can easily break the defensive line.

    I am not a good player but I know:
    when to use corners in my advantage
    How to get the bus moved and then counter attack

    and so on. I give credit to EA as they have released the recent patch.
  • Greezyweezy101
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    Get in to football manager. Slower, calmer and more rewarding.

    Also it's about football, not micro-transactions.
  • jmaurizio
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    Just don’t spend any real money. Mo money Mo problems
  • Cyklon
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    Played a few games of 19 round my mates and that was enough. My Fut journey ended in 18, not missing it one bit. Tried RE2/PES and I’m more chilled and not worrying if my players have lost 50k etc every day. I was in the same boat, trying to constantly update players improve the team and I realised it really didn’t matter as it just wasn’t fun anymore
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Get in to football manager. Slower, calmer and more rewarding.

    Also it's about football, not micro-transactions.

    It’s all about micro transactions, as you try get those bargains for a fraction of your transfer budget! :joy:
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