88 Headliner Werner teams?

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Really wanna try this guy without going full bundesliga, anyone using him in Hybrids? If so lets see them!


  • Wortel1981
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    Not the headliner because i am short in money at the moment, but when i have the coins i want to upgrade to Headliner Werner.
  • Who dosen't want the german Usain Bolt?
  • Laurens1998
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    I got him in a 41212 (2), up front with HL Reus and FS Havertz at CAM. Insane front trio. Then I got RTTF Sanches and CL Goretzka as CMs, they're both beasts. Got FS De Jong as my CDM. Defence is RTTF Tagliafico, FS De Ligt, Boateng and FS Hakimi with untradeable 88 Lehmann as GK. Not that big of a hybrid, but still an incredible team to play with.
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