Does anyone have reiss nelson silver arsenal card



  • Im from the uk mate
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    Love to see that people in our community are hiting the tornuaments. We even had a couple of special themes tourneys by December. Right now the company is centered in putting Optimus Prime Icons on packs. Hope they give us some special cups soon.

    I have a silver squad to. Just have to buy some substitutes to complete the team. I will be joining you in this trip. I'm in Spain, so the time frame should be fine.
  • Yes sounds good i only discoverd this forum for the switch community yesterday so glad i have because we can maybe arrange tourny amongst are self or at least all do a silver tournament ive got a bpl gold, silver and bronze team but at the moment i can never get a game in the bronze pr silver tourny from spain yeah im from uk not much time zone difference there
  • ZiaFC
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    I will be trying for the silver tourney this weekend hopefully we can catch eachother if you all typically play in evenings I may be able to connect while it is afternoon here.
  • szkielko1982
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    Hi hi hello Lads.
    Anyone smart who can tell me how i can find Silver card of Nelson with Arsenal ???
    Im serching transfer market for past 10 days and tottally nothing :/
    Is that card exist ? I did 19 of 20 challenges 9n way for 3 special cards and cant finish it as missing last card of 420 wich boughted for the chellenges :/
    Please help ps4 player
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