Is there possibility to put arena on pro Clubs so u can try ur player and also maybe to practice tactics with ur teammates
I think that would be great


  • Stopbuchi
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    Great idea.
  • Astralprojectio
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    Great idea. Wont happen.

    10 posts Ball Boy
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    Its possible play with your pro in manager career mode and skill games, you need to go to main game > customise > edit team > reset all squad. Now Download updates if u want or go to profile > delete > *delete SQUAD 1 profile.
    Go to pro clubs and edit your VP to whats you like to play, and just exit from pro clubs, you player will be in free agents. Just remeber, every change u made in pro clubs after, not change this "created" player, u need to remade every step again for new modification. (sorry for my english)
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