Genius Squad Builders - Can you solve this?

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I would like to get CR7, Neymar, Maradona, Kante, Ferdinand and Mbappe into a squad, on full chem. I'm willing to swap Ferdinand for another CB.

I can't solve this...potential solutions would much appreciated!


  • DaveSmith89
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    BTW I would like to avoid Cavani, Rabiot, Verrati and other players for a post-1min swap. I make 3 substitutions around the 65' min because some players are totally drained.
  • Tylermkey
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    Not sure budget.
    LB could be Kurzawa if you need to lower budget. CB and RB could also change to any French duo or Juventus player and Lala if you want a different goalie.
  • DaveSmith89
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    Thanks bro!
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