Gameplay of FIFA 19

This newest update to FIFA 19 is disgraceful now. It was an already average (at best) game but playable but now these new updates in February 2019 is shocking. I will start by saying the only decent thing to come from it is the icons in menu and the gameplay players seem to be a bit bigger. The bad bits are endless but I’ll start with just a few.....
1 slow gameplay as players move like a steam train now nd trying to turn wit agile players is like doing a U-turn with a double decker bus.
2 passing is inaccurate for direction and pace, I am a direct passer and try to pass the ball in attacking positions as I like to pass nd move quickly instead of a possession passer who likes to sit passing across the defence until they see big gaps and this new version is no good for fast passers as the game is all slowed down like it’s not far from been unresponsive.
3 defending is the worst I’ve experienced in all the FIFA’s I’ve played, doesn’t matter if you jockey, press, stand tackle or slide tackle as it’s definitely not realistic anymore and players seem to dance around you in unrealistic circumstances.
4 ball control in none existent now as the ball seems to always knock into the opposite team whether your defending or attacking but usually if you win the ball in your box it ricochet’s off you and straight back into the opposing player everytime even with the best of defenders.
5 shooting is lame nd scores from some of the most pathetic angles that should never happen which then in turns into lucky goals and not experienced or professional goals, the amount of players that score outrageously pathetic goals from silly distances and angles now on this game is bizzare and so so unrealistic as though you don’t have a keeper in the net.
6 shooting is delayed, when you run into space for a quick first time shot it delays as the ball is moving then shoots a couple seconds later instead of when you first pressed the button.
The original FIFA 19 wasn’t too bad, it was playable but not as bad as some of the complaints made out. Now EA must of thought “ok I’ll now give you’s a **** game for all these daft complaints” lol. This is by far the worst version of FIFA game that I have played on and I am annoyed at these updates and now I really do regret buying this game. I’ve bought these nearly every single year (apart from 3 of them) but I won’t be buying FIFA 20 unless there is drastic changes to this version before it comes out and infact might go back to PES instead.
Thanks EA for destroying this game.
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