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I hate Suarez and through ball players

358 posts Sunday League Hero
He is surprisingly good against me and I never thought he looked too good so I never tried him but why is he so strong in game.. he is really good in teams that pass a lot and do through balls. Hate when I lose to guys who just blindly keep spamming through balls and I tackle and oh what do you know bounces away as a perfect through ball to them..


  • NewRave7
    114 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    For me it’s Neymar. I can’t stop him
  • AlbinoXI
    1752 posts Play-Off Hero
    NewRave7 wrote: »
    For me it’s Neymar. I can’t stop him

    I was lucky enough to pack neymar untradeable very early in the game, I have a pretty good squad and 800 games later he’s still my best and the first player in the team. Unreal this year
  • Kip2MyLou
    7397 posts League Winner
    edited February 2019
    You'd hate me then. Ha. Suarez has over 2 goals a ratio for me. His runs are ridiculous and finishes everything. And his aggression is what makes him feel so strong I think. I really like his link up play also. Him and reus play great off each other in my team.
  • truegunn3r
    9958 posts Has That Special Something
    edited February 2019
    Try lowering your defensive line, narrow your width and try rushing your goalkeeper out to central throughballs.

    Have you ever watched Suarez in real life? If you did, you would know how skilful and strong he is.
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  • TheArchitect
    941 posts Professional
    just get your defender and run back to get a head start on through ball players. easy to stop. just once in a while when first touching the through ball it will give it to suarez anyway. but thats just how horrible the gameplay is
  • Kenpachi_FIFA
    505 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I agree. Suarez and through balls is like a cheat code. I don't blame opponents if they go that route. But even still, every now and then he gets through or has a lucky bounce.
  • FCBlunt
    3111 posts National Call-Up
  • Packed him untradeable and I'm starting to wonder why I've never considered him before...he's sooooo good...I use him at ST and as a LAM
  • Kip2MyLou
    7397 posts League Winner
    I don't even play with a physical boosting chem style. I use Hunter.

    What I like more than his physical is you really feel that high acceleration. I manually send him on a run and you can really feel him pulling away from the defenders.
  • SuperSonicSean
    6152 posts Big Money Move
    Against opponents like that, I use drop back, overload ball side (if they're playing a narrow formation like a 41212(2) ), and manually mark runs with my defenders. It also might help to keep your fullbacks on stay back if Suarez's strength is a problem. Your CB might slow him down, but you'll likely need your fullback to clean up before he reaches goal.
  • 1337
    542 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Griezmann is a player I can't stop, but Suarez is useless (at least every time I played against him)
  • TheDinhoKid10
    1319 posts Play-Off Hero
    Suarez has that high acceleration so he’s beeating anyone off the line. Honestly without this AI defending being so OP you’d definitely struggle more to defend him. Always been a pain in my ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • FCBlunt
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    edited February 2019
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