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Hi, first of all (as always) i want to say, sorry for my bad english.

Let's get to the real topic.

Since we all know that you from EA are aware of this, selling hacks for a game is illegal, and can be punished with jail.

As we can see in the link, on PUBG they took action, why can't you do the same on FIFA? I mean, not going with jail, but trying to create some anticheat protection, or whatever to prevent people from hacking.

The problem is not that you can see encounter them only in Pro Club(game mode like Carrer Mode that you dont give a sh*t about)
But also in FUT.

Here are some links to the hack site and the creator channel.



If you really care about your game, maybe its time to take some action ;)


  • BeardedBerk
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    they don't care about PC full stop and we don't need this advertised on here

    enough cheats playing without more being a possibility
  • hhoverflow
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    Krrypt0n, are you living in a bubble? What makes you think that EA cares?

    6 years of the same issue and not a single solution so far. Move on dude. Go to console.

    Some people don't seem to understand that EA don't care for the players. They only care about money, so those hacks will be always there.

    Unfortunately that's the way it is and that's why many people say bad things about that cancer company.

    For example, Draft could be fixed since a long time, but they don't do it because all those players hacking in draft are doing with Fifa Points and therefore EA makes money.

    What they do instead? They make the pack reward pathetic, so legit players get **** and never play draft again.

    By the way, worst think you could do is post the cheat link here, even though it's just a basic google search.
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