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Game has the worst delay I have ever played with usually get aroun 18 to 20 wins I’m currently in 4 wins after 16 games anyone else having real difficulty with this game this weekend


  • ASX
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    Replied to something similar earlier.

    I worked out when to play the game and when not too based on the 5 connection bars displayed before you enter a match.

    For me personally 3 green bars is fine, no lag, no delay, not sluggish, etc. If I get 2 orange bars the game is unplayable and I experience all of the above issues and I'd be lucky to win a single game if I played 10 games back to back.

    I live in Dubai so my ping is bad. I checked ping during 3 green bars at around 185, ping with 2 orange bars was 250+ over 300 in some cases. I see orange and even 1 red bar during evening times, around 6pm GMT on weekdays, on Saturday and Sunday it starts earlier, I assume because its peak playing time all over the world.

    I only play when I wake up now, around 5am to 8am local time (1am to 4am GMT) which guarantees me the best ping I can get. Friday is a weekend here so I get to play most of the day without issues, unless there is a school holiday somewhere in the world.
  • Daveangel
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    Thanks for commenting on the post but I’m going in to the games we’re the bars are all green and still it plays like I said above it’s been like this all weekend used to having 6 or 7 games with issues just not this many my internet connection is perfect so I don’t know ea have fycked up fifa 19 if u ask me
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    I have ultra fibre and my mate who I usually play online against is fibre,yet lags like mad why the slightest thing like a phone WiFi is connected ,it's across all platforms like this
    When will they fix it ,because no trouble on anything else
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