The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC & console, this includes the changes listed here.

One sided Button delay lag

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Hope your greedy slimy discusting company get Bank rot and Karma gets you for deceiving loyal customers over the years, belgium Made the first step bravo. The EA CEO Said earlier: we want to listen to our customers but we dont Like how they use the language to solve Problems...... so u messed up so many things over the years, i could write a book about it, Up to Date there is still no improvment and you still want from us to talk polite???
Still broken Servers Button delay lag all over the pitch
Still useless Patches wich Made the Game worst.
EA doesnt Care about customers or
The fun in the Game. Its Just all about Money for them. Ive played FIFA since FIFA 95 and i know I can't move somethin here but please mates don't spend Money to this discusting greedy company cause only Money speaks to them
And for the mods Stop closing Threads wich isnt against the Rules, Just tellin the truth


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