Timed finishing Broken and other problems with the game.

Dear EA

The timed finishing is broken I played one game in career and I had 16 shots 3 on target one goal. 10 were green in the timed finishing no goals I scored from hitting it in early? The players are lazy like 11 Ozils on the pitch and don't listen to instructions. Every year the game is great when it comes out. But then you patch it and it goes from a 8 out of 10 to a 3. Goalkeepers are rubbish when the ball is close to them but unbelievable when it's far away it doesn't make sense. Everytime I play UT I come up against in form teams with legends with my 7/10 Premier league side but apparently they have the same skill level as me it's not down to skill when a average PL team comes up against a team of legends?! The game need to to be more realistic and simulated because Tika taka is not how teams in real life win games. Get rid of the contain button. Strength is too OP don't make Pace OP ore strength make a game where one aspect is OP. And the tactics and instructions need redoing because the players don't listen anyway. And please Please please fix Career. This is why FIFA 12, and Fifa 13 was the best because you at least cared about your game. And fix Pro clubs!
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