Player instructions.

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So basically post patch I was testing formations, tactics and player instructions.

And I’ve found for me that a lot of the normally advised meta is absolute garbage for me.

Essentially, I am settled on the 4231 narrow for now, so fair enough on that point. But only after I realised that actually removing some of the advised meta player instructions actually make the team play worse.

Meta - striker & at least the central CAM on stay forwards.
Meta - CDM’s & full backs on stay back.

All nonsense for me. I changed them all to balanced and the team now all move up down the pitch together. I even have crazy attacking style tactics and yet they defend better, build attacks better, concede less and score more - essentially everything you’d want.

I still have striker on get in behind, CAMS to get in box, CDM’s to cut passing lanes & full backs to overlap. Everything else is balanced.

I recommend that if things aren’t clicking for you, try that. Particularly if you’re an old school posesssion player like me who still utilises a quick counter.
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