EA please describe weekly objectives better & something about winter refresh...

EA do you computer generate the language/description of weekly objectives? Some just don't make sense, others are inconsistent, one week you can sub anyone on, next week you explain who can you and cannot sub on correctly, then the next week you don't explain anything and you can't even have golds on the bench, lol what is the point of fitness if I can't rotate between the same 23+ players? In the current bronze objective the whol;e bench has to be bronze, so what about the online silver objective? I have to waste a win to find out or not? Come on, give us more details, do you get off living us in the dark???

Speaking of which, why not release pitch notes ( we havent had any since October, just patch notes, fact) that explain work rates, composure etc and give players winter refresh including to players who haven't changed work rates, and is winter refresh H2H update cut off Feb 1st? well that isn't the end of winter, if you are going to release winter refresh on Feb 22nd, why not give all cards their latest H2H updates? Surely it can't take that long to change a few dozen cards, I mean if you are computer generating IFs and weekly objectives, why automate that cards can't get upgrades from H2H to FUT after February 1st.
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