The flame has gone.

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I feel like after 7 years of playing fut the love has finally died. I’ve tried to play it this year cause I done relatively well from packs and have an okay team but even with that team and coins the love has died. Every year I’ve gotten older it’s become so apparent that the money this company are stealing from fans is just not getting put back into the game. It’s the same broken mechanics that the community abuse because they have made every aspect of the game competitive. I fully do not blame the community for this at the end your come onto enjoy it and fundamentally that means win. But they don’t fix these issues. I remember the timed finesse shots was a massive issue I had to sit through 3 WL’s of just pure spam with next to no counter to it. Yet I saw two money grabbing promos. Sort the funadamentals out. You are phasing your older generation of players out in favour for the young who spend money. When in fact that in the end will not turn out great. I.e Belgium.
It’s a sad prospect when the thing I enjoy most about a game of Fifa is nothing to do with the gameplay.


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