Ever question why you play this game?

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So last night I went on for a gaming session needing one rivals win by 2 or more goals to get the FUT Swap player unlock Jesus and the ability to forget about FUT SWAP this month, what actually happened was one of my worst FIFA sessions ever.

Keep in my everything in here is over a 8 game period,

KO Goals everywhere first game ends 4-4 any idea what the hell that Sol Campbell clearence is don't think I have ever seen that in FIFA 19, but fine we go again, I scored from KO so guess that is fair..


Then I play this:


Awesome so the way this game works I have to beat a Division 2 player by 2 goals with this team to get a FUTSWAP player cool, but it is what it is! I get back in it at 2-1 with 10 to go maybe it was't a complete waste of 20 minutes of my time oh wait KO.


My tackle takes out my CDM there is the biggest gap for him to play it through I go to select my CB to cut across as he is closest get Mendy who proceeds to go to space, I swear to god I tried changing off him and and did not want to run into the corner flag.

The Next Game


Nice 8 Mil coin team to try beat by two goals, in this game this happens now I am on "drop back" at this point so why one lBY takes out my whole team and my back four shape goes to pot I don't know I could have defended it better for sure but still keep this in mind for later.

For losing to them two teams i went from 2240 skill points to 2180 skill points


Then I play someone I play a lot in the WL.

At this point maybe I am rage looking at this but
A: I feel like Zlatan should have know issue collecting that pass.
B: Not sure how he got that pass of in the middle
C: That Dani Alves tackle should have taken the ball away

but a few drag backs later and a nice pass inside he scores but he should't have had the ball at that point I lost in the 88th minute from a KO after I got it level.

Next Game

Yep in the space of 3 games I get to play the same person twice! now remeber that clip from before.. well this happened this time.


It was after this I quit for the night now maybe i am wrong but is that not a lot of crap for one session? sorry for the rant but it just got me wondering why we play this game? my pack luck is terrible I am going through Serie A trying to pack a headliner as we speak, game play is awful and I will never reach the god squad of above.


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